We are always seeking people who are passionate about microbial ecology and developing new methods and approaches using DNA sequencing.

The Albertsen Lab is part of Center for Microbial Communities at Aalborg University headed by Prof. Per H. Nielsen. The Center has approx. 30 young scientist working with structure and function of microbial communities, primarily related to environmental biotechnology. The Center has state of the art equipment within DNA sequencing (Illumina MiSeq & HiSeq and Oxford Nanopore MinION & PromethION), proteomics, metabolomics and advanced microscopy.

Post Doc in molecular microbial ecology and high-throughput DNA sequencing

The post.doc. position is part of ongoing research to develop and apply new molecular methods to describe microbial diversity. Special focus is on obtaining full-length rRNA genes for identification of microbes from environments of relevance to environmental biotechnology using our recently described method (see: goo.gl/E4FE1F). Furthermore, the post.doc. will be involved in further developing the method and implementing the use of the new Nanopore PromethION DNA sequencing platform.

More information

OnlineDNA: Post Doc to implement online DNA sequencing

The Post Doc position is part of a larger project to implement online DNA sequencing at wastewater treatment plants. Contact Mads Albertsen for more information.