Mads Albertsen

Group Leader. Bioinformatics and microbiology enthusiast. The research is focused on the microbial ecology of complex environmental communities using DNA sequencing methods including metagenomics, meta-transcriptomics and amplicon sequencing. A strong focus on new technologies related to novel applications, method and software development.

Søren M. Karst

Post Doc. Responsible for wet-lab method development. Illumina MiSeq and HiSeq hacker.

Rasmus H. Kirkegaard

Post Doc. Responsible for Oxford Nanopore sequencing development.

Jakob Brandt

PhD Student. Populating the tree-of-life using full-length SSU rRNA sequencing. Expertise within water related environments.

Martin H. Andersen

Research assistant. Exploring links between anaerobic digesters and microbes. Co-supervised with prof. Per H. Nielsen.

Julie K.T. Pedersen

Msc. Student. Developing new bioinformatic tools for time-series and network analysis.

Kasper S. Andersen

MSc. Student. Developing new bioinformatic tools for ordination analysis. Shiny expert and developing ampvis2.

Peter Rendbæk

Msc. Student. Developing methods for on-site DNA sequencing using the Oxford Nanopore MinION platform.

Co-supervised students

Inspiration from outside our small world.

Mark H. Larsen

Msc. Student. Studying the changes in the microbiome of moose as a result on relocating from Sweden to Denmark. Co-supervised with Trine Hammer Jensen.

Thomas Y. Michaelsen

MSc. Student. Developing a new method for differentiation and resistance dependent classification of diffuse large B-cell lymphomas by the NanoString technology. Co-supervised with prof. Martin Bøgsted.

7th semester student groups

The next generation of brilliant scientists.

Screening for Microbial Dark Matter Using 16S rRNA Amplicon Sequencing

Biotechnology. Lee-Ann Clegg, Ditte Marie Hansen, Patric Skov Schacksen, Jette Fischer Petersen, Johannes Manner-Jensen.

Exploration of unknown life

International Biotechnology. Nicola Procházková, Laura von Soosten, Filip Streško, Piotr Sarna

Screening for novel microbes in Danish soil and sediment using 16S rRNA sequencing

Biology. Ann-Maria Christensen, Fynn-Rasmus Alt, Ingeborg Mose Larsen, Tina Strøm Trolle.