Mads Albertsen

Professor MSO. Bioinformatics and microbiology enthusiast. The research is focused on the microbial ecology of complex environmental communities using DNA sequencing methods including metagenomics, meta-transcriptomics and amplicon sequencing. A strong focus on new technologies related to novel applications, method and software development.

Søren M. Karst

Senior Scientist. Responsible for wet-lab method development and scientific lead on MicroFlora Danica.

Rasmus H. Kirkegaard

Post Doc. Responsible for Oxford Nanopore sequencing development.

Vibeke R. Jørgensen

Post Doc. Project coordinator on MicroFlora Danica. In charge of sampling all of Denmark.

Erika Yashiro

Staff-scientist. Running and delevloping our sequencing faclilites, servers and bioinformatic pipelines at Section for Biotechnology.

Jakob Brandt

PhD Student. Populating the tree-of-life using full-length SSU rRNA sequencing. Expertise within water related environments.

Martin H. Andersen

PhD Student. Working with on-site DNA sequencing using Oxford Nanopore MinION.

Thomas Y. Michaelsen

PhD Student. Developing novel methods to analyze “omics”-data from microbial ecosystems.

Thomas B. N. Jensen

PhD Student. Generating and making sense of 10 000 metagenomes.

Emil A. Sørensen

PhD Student. Developing new CRISPR/CAS tools to unveil microbial diversity.

Simon Knutsson

Res. Assistant. Sample processing and wet-lab method development for MicroFlora Danica.

Mantas Sereika

MSc. Student. Developing workflows for long-read metagenomics using Nanopore sequencing.

Lab alumni

MSc. Students

2018-2019: Emil A. Sørensen

2017-2018: Johannes Mannor-Jakobsen

2017-2018: Patrick S. Schacksen

2016-2017: Kasper S. Andersen

2016-2017: Julie K. T. Pedersen

2016-2017: Peter Rendbæk

2016-2017: Thomas Y. Michaelsen (co-supervised)

2016-2017: Mark H. Larsen (co-supervised)

2015-2016: Jakob Brandt


2019: Ryan Ziels

2017: Petra Pjevac

2017: Anna Alessi

2017: Muhammed Ali

2017: Dario Shaw