mmgenome: Tools for extracting individual genomes from metagneomes

The mmgenome toolbox enables reproducible extraction of individual genomes from metagenomes. It builds on the multi-metagenome concept, but wraps most of the process of extracting genomes in simple R functions. Thereby making the whole process of binning easy and at the same time reproducible through the Rmarkdown format.

The mmgenome R package also facilitates effortless integration with additional data sources and hence should not be seen as "yet another binning method", but rather a package to integrate different binning strategies.

Check out the dedicated github-page for mmgenome.

ampvis2: An R package to visualise amplicon data

The ampvis2 toolbox aims to provide a set simple but yet highly customizable visualization functions in R. See the dedicated ampvis2 github-page for more information. A unique feature is that ampvis2 does not allow stacked-bar plots or pie-charts.