Welcome to the Albertsen Lab!

The purpose of this blog is to give a glimpse into the Albertsen Lab. The blog will be managed by all lab members that will blog on what they are currently working on or what they find exciting. A few key-words on upcoming blog themes:

Oxford Nanopore PromethIon unboxing; 3D printing DNA extraction devices; Full length SSU rRNA sequencing on the MinION; Life as a master student; Automated sample preparation using Oxford Nanopore Voltrax; Hunting for novel diversity; Long-read metagenomics; Making bioinformatic analysis accessible using Shiny.

That's it for now! I look forward to an exciting 2017!

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Mads Albertsen

Group Leader
Bioinformatics and microbiology enthusiast. My research is focused on microbial ecology of complex environmental communities using DNA sequencing methods including metagenomics, meta-transcriptomics and amplicon sequencing. A strong focus on new technologies related to novel applications, method and software development.

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